Board of Directors

AIHA operates under bylaws adopted by its Board of Directors. The Board and its Executive and Finance committees meet regularly and exercise all of the customary oversight and governance responsibilities of the Board of a 501(c)(3) organization.

AIHA’s Board establishes the overall policy and strategic direction of the organization, delegating day-to-day operational responsibility to the Executive Director and staff.

AIHA’s Board of Directors represents major US health-related interests and organizations and, through these affiliations, virtually every hospital, hospital system, academic medical center, and major physician group practice and health professions academic program in the country. Each director is an acknowledged health industry leader and all have held senior federal, state, nonprofit, or academic executive positions.

Dennis P. Andrulis (Treasurer & Chair, Finance & Audit Committee)

Daniel P. Bourque

Roger J. Bulger (Chairman)

Henry A. Fernandez

Donald W. Fisher

Larry S. Gage

David Greeley (Ex Officio)

Sheila A. Ryan

Alan Weinstein (Secretary)

M. Roy Wilson