AIHA: A Partnership of Partnerships

AIHA is much more than a broker or facilitator of twinning partnerships.

Sure, that is part of our role, but we also provide significant hands-on assistance with things like program design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

Staff at our headquarters in Washington, DC, and at our field offices around the globe work closely with our partners on program management, oversight, and reporting. We provide travel and logistical support and collaborate with partners as needed to strengthen their information and communications technology infrastructure thus improving access to the latest evidence-based clinical practice resources.

Because many of our partnerships work on similar or complementary issues, we’ve adopted a “partnership of partnerships” approach to help them share best practices and lessons learned. This creates a collaborative and mutually beneficial network of institutions and people who are committed to improving access to quality health and social services in low- and middle-income countries around the globe.

Together, we support national and regional networking opportunities and encourage collaboration among our partners and other groups that work to strengthen health systems and human resources for health.

Whether by sponsoring a wide range of workshops and training courses, conducting dissemination events that help foster cooperation and programmatic synergy, or sharing curricula and other resources developed through our projects, AIHA’s partnership of partnerships represent a unique, dynamic, and cost-effective model of technical assistance.