Success Stories

AIHA’s partnerships and programs have touched countless lives and helped usher in many positive changes in healthcare service delivery since 1992.

Highlights of some of these accomplishments — and the impact our programs have had on health and allied care professionals and the people they serve — can be found in this section.

HIV/AIDS - Twinning Center
  • Training and Mentoring Frontline Health Workers in South Africa
  • Clinical Associates Play a Critical Role in Providing VMMC Services
  • Ethiopia’s St. Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College Graduates Its First Cohort of OB/GYN Residents
  • Pharmacy Technicians Play Key Role in Improving Patient Care
  • Helping GBV/VAC Survivors Regain Their Dignity
  • Para Social Worker Training an “Eye-opener” for NGO Volunteer
  • Public-Private Partnership Improves Access to Evidence-based Resources, Helps Document Clinical Associate Student Practicums
  • Biomedical Engineering & Technology Partners Build Sustainable Training Capacity in Ethiopia
  • Young Manager Leads Regional Lab Team to WHO 3-Star Rating
  • Biomedical Engineering & Technology Partners Build Sustainable Training Capacity in Ethiopia
  • Equipping Tanzanian Nursing Professionals with Leadership Skills
  • Chalo Changa HIV/AIDS “Lets People Living with HIV Tell Their Own Stories”
  • Improving Emergency Medical Services for Pediatric Patients
  • Volunteer Introduces Experiment Log Book, Improves Standards of Practice at Addis Ababa University Biochemistry Department
  • A Regional Approach to Strengthening Clinical Pharmacy Education in Zambia and Ethiopia
  • Arming Mozambican Nurses with Critical Leadership Skills
  • Nursing Tutors and Students Highlight Transformations to Nursing Education during HHS Secretary’s Visit to Tanzania
  • Improving Access and Understanding of Evidence-based Medicine
  • Home-based Care Provides Critical Support to People Living with HIV
  • Para Social workers in Enugu State embark on Sensitization Project
  • Equipping Tanzanian Nursing Students with Knowledge, Confidence, and Much-needed Clinical Skills

* These stories complement the articles immediately preceding them on the list.