EurasiaHealth Knowledge Network

Medicine is not practiced in a vacuum, although it often seemed that way to healthcare practitioners in the former Soviet Union and other countries in Eastern Europe during the 1990s and 2000s.

Many clinicians were cut off from modern, evidence-based resources simply because they lived and worked in remote regions. Compounding the problem, decades of isolation from scientific research conducted in other parts of the world further hindered medical professionals in the region and resulted in a severe dearth of capacity when it came to providing evidence-based treatment, care, and support to people in their communities.

To help fill this void, AIHA launched the EurasiaHealth Knowledge Network in 2001. EurasiaHealth was a web-based clearinghouse for translated information and resources on a broad range of topics created to provide healthcare practitioners, medical educators, scientists, and allied professionals with access to clinical research, tools, and training materials in Russian and other regional languages.

EurasiaHealth contained thousands of translated texts, articles, guidelines, patient education materials, and other resources on a broad range of health topics.