Regional Knowledge Hub for the Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Eurasia

Since 2004, the Regional Knowledge Hub for the Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Eurasia has been providing technical assistance to countries in the region as they work to address one of the fastest growing rates of new HIV infections in the world. As of October 2009, the Knowledge Hub and its affiliates have trained more than 5,000 healthcare and allied professionals from 10 countries spanning Eastern Europe and Central Asia in various aspects of providing care and treatment to people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

In close collaboration with key national, regional, and international stakeholders and strategic partners, the Regional Knowledge Hub and its affiliated centers carry out their capacity-building mission by:

  • Developing regional training opportunities and capacity;
  • Providing direct technical assistance as needed;
  • Establishing collaborative linkages among people and institutions involved in HIV/AIDS care, treatment, and support in individual countries and within the region as a whole; and
  • Adapting, developing, and disseminating the latest normative, evidence-based guidance for healthcare and non-medical professionals working in HIV/AIDS based on the recommendations of national experts, WHO, and other organizations.

In combination, these four objectives help create a dynamic, comprehensive, and integrated training mechanism that provides continuous education and sustainable information resources in the region.

For additional information about the Knowledge Hub’s training and technical assistance programs, please contact Dr. Inna Jurkevich ( or visit us online at