Supply Chain – Strengthening HR Management and Practice 

(2023 – Present)

In November 2023 with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AIHA launched a new project to strengthen human resource management and practices in Ethiopia’s supply chain workforce to improve the availability of pharmaceutical commodities throughout the country. Click here to read the news release announcing the project.

“Efficient medicines supply systems are integrally linked to strong health care systems. Adequate human resources, sustainable financing, comprehensive information systems, and coordinated healthcare partners and institutions are key components to ensure uninterrupted availability and accessibility of essential medicines. Long term supply strategies are absent in many countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.”

          – World Health Organization

The project is focusing on building the capacity of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Service (EPSS) in areas including division of labor, workflow management, and collaboration with the private sector. AIHA will build institutional and human resource capacity at EPSS through targeted training and mentorship on financial management, leadership, communication and information management, and other critical competencies.

The AIHA team joined EPSS leadership for a project kickoff meeting in Addis Ababa on Dec. 13, 2023.

AIHA and a team of EPSS leadership conducted a kickoff meeting in December 2023 to lay the groundwork for the first year of the project. They finalized the project workplan Jan. 3, 2024, with key focus areas being:

  • Determining efficient division of labor;
  • Developing strong, effective leadership;
  • Strengthening human resource policies, practices, and leadership capacity;
  • Researching and establishing optimal physical resource capacity, including office space and necessary equipment and resources;
  • Designing an efficient information management system;
  • Developing effective work flow management policies and procedures; and
  • Exploring national and regional partnerships with the private sector, as well as a South-South twinning partnership that will allow EPSS staff to learn from the experiences of a similar institution in another African nation.

In March 2024, a project team attended the People That Deliver (PtD) Global Indaba in Bangkok to learn workforce solutions to supply chain issues from more than 250 of their peers from some 60 countries around the world.

A key goal of this project is to ensure equal access to pharmaceuticals throughout Ethiopia by training relevant human resources and establishing effective policies and practices.

AIHA has engaged an expert consultant who in June 2024 began conducting an organizational capacity and needs assessment of EPSS, which will serve to guide the project moving forward

AIHA is in the process of recruiting several subject matter experts drawn from the Ethiopia Diaspora. These individuals will be placed within the EPSS HRD where they will provide on-site technical assistance and mentoring to help bridge gaps in existing human resource capacity.

Drawing on the human resource and training capacity already built through our Leadership Incubation Program for Health, AIHA will tap into our existing network of public health professionals to develop strong, effective leaders at EPSS.