Supply Chain – Strengthening HR Management and Practice 

(2023 – Present)

In November 2023, AIHA launched a new project supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to strengthen human resource management and practices for the supply chain workforce in Ethiopia to improve the availability of pharmaceutical commodities throughout the country. The project will build capacity of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical and Supply Service (EPSS) in areas such as division of labor, workflow management, and collaboration with the private sector. We will build the EPSS institutional and human resource capacity through targeted training and mentorship on financial management, leadership, communication and information management, and other critical competencies. Some of the first activities we plan to implement include: 

  • Conducting stakeholder engagement meetings to achieve buy-in and consensus
  • Developing a project work plan and monitoring and evaluation framework that will provide a roadmap for future activities
  • Developing and launching needs-based training courses to build the capacity of Ethiopia’s pharmaceutical supply chain workforce