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Volunteer Healthcare Corps

AIHA’s Volunteer Healthcare Corps (VHC) is a distinct yet complementary component of our HIV/AIDS Twinning Center’s institutional partnership program. The VHC recruits highly skilled health and allied professionals for placement at institutions in sub-Saharan Africa as a way to provide long-term technical assistance and mentoring to strengthen human resources for health and improve health service delivery, particularly for people living with HIV.

The VHC currently operates in Ethiopia and South Africa, though we’ve previously placed volunteers in Botswana, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Call to Action!

AIHA, working closely with Ethiopia’s Federal Ministry of Health, is actively recruiting both Ethiopian Diaspora and expatriate physicians and other qualified professionals to teach courses in basic sciences, including biochemistry, immunobiology and virology, pharmacology, medical physiology, medical ethics, neuroscience, public health, pathology, and general and systemic anatomy at one of the 13 medical schools established across the country through the Ministry’s Medical Education Initiative. Instructors will play a critical role in strengthening the country’s health system by training future doctors over the course of their placements, which will generally last from six months to one year. Click here for more information about this exciting opportunity!


The Ethiopian Diaspora Volunteer Program

Alongside its traditional volunteer program, the Twinning Center aims to mobilize Diaspora communities to contribute to HIV/AIDS capacity building efforts through its Diaspora Initiative. This unique approach has the benefit of recruiting highly-skilled professionals with a particular motivation to return to their countries of origin, allowing them to quickly engage in both professional and personal activities while confronting less cultural barriers.

With this program, there is a strong potential for repatriation, contributing to the developing world workforce. The Diaspora program also addresses some of the negative effects of “brain drain” as volunteers are able to transfer knowledge and skills back to their country of origin.  This program is currently active in Ethiopia.

Application Process

1. Email a CV and cover letter to vhc@aiha.com
(Subject line: VHC Application – First & Last Name).

Please read before submitting your online application

All applications must be submitted via email. Please be prepared to provide the following information as follow up information:

I. Personal Information
• Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Marital Status, Contact Information, Country of Citizenship, Country of Permanent Residency, and Country of Birth

II. Placement
• The specific VHC assignment for which you are applying to(if any)
• Your availability for a VHC assignment (start and end dates)
• Placement preferences (if any)
• International experience
• Skills, talents, and experiences that can be applied to a VHC assignment
• Languages and proficiencies
• Any health conditions that require special management (specifically in a resource-limited setting)
• Your motivation to become a VHC volunteer (Why are you applying to the VHC program? What specifically about the VHC attracted your interest?)

III. Emergency Contact
• Name, Relationship, Address, E-mail Address, and Telephone

IV. Education (Post-Secondary)
• Name of Institution(s), City and State of Institution(s), Degree/Certificate Obtained, Field and Year Graduated

V. Professional
• Current Status (employed, unemployed, student, retired)
• Name and address of the organization where you work (if any)
• Two previous jobs that are most relevant to the VHC assignment (Institution, Title, Time Period, Responsibilities, and Achievements)
• Professional licenses and certifications (State/Province, Country, Profession, Validity Period)

VI. 2 References (Professional)
• Name, Address, E-mail Address, and Telephone

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis unless otherwise noted. It is recommended that candidates submit an application to a specific assignment at least three months prior to the time they are available to volunteer. The process may be prolonged if you want to be considered for a future opportunity that is not currently posted.

If you have any questions, please contact us at vhc@aiha.com.

Thank you and good luck!

The HIV/AIDS Twinning Center carefully reviews all applications and will contact candidates if there is a match with any of our current volunteer openings.

Please note that due to the high volume of applicants, only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted. For more information, contact VHC@aiha.com


The Benefits of Volunteering with Us

AIHA strives to offer safe and rewarding volunteer opportunities that are mutually beneficial to staff who work at the host institution and to our highly skilled and dedicated volunteers. We offer basic benefits to all eligible volunteers that most other organizations do not cover. These include:

  • Coach airfare to and from the country of placement
  • Vaccinations and prophylactic treatments when recommended
  • Visa and work permit
  • Travel, accident, and medical evacuation insurance
  • Housing that is basic, but clean and safe OR a housing allowance
  • A modest stipend based on US government rates per country to cover living expenses
  • Pre-assignment orientation and in-country support

Volunteers are expected to live modestly, keeping in mind the standards of the people they serve, yet not in a manner that would endanger their health or safety.

The VHC Experience

VHC Stories CroppedIn addition to building the capacity of local communities, organizations, and institutions who are working to deliver effective and sustainable solutions to HIV/AIDS and other healthcare challenges in Africa, the VHC program also provides learning opportunities for the volunteer.This booklet highlights the work of a handful of volunteers who have participated in the VHC program and is illustrative of the many other dedicated individuals who have voluntarily contributed their time and skills to the Twinning Center’s  efforts to combat the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. Read More

VHC volunteer Dr. Aelaf Worku shares information about his volunteer placement at Debre Berhan Referral Hospital in Ethiopia.