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Zambian Lab Managers Complete Training, Will Further Country’s Efforts to Attain International Accreditation for Public Health Labs

Washington, DC, December 5, 2016 — The American International Health Alliance (AIHA), the International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH) at the University of Washington, and other partners recently celebrated the graduation of 16 Zambian laboratory managers who successfully completed an intensive 9-month training in laboratory leadership and management. In Zambia and many other low-resource countries around the world, insufficient leadership skills and lack of effective management practices among clinical and public health laboratory managers and directors represent major barriers to the effective provision of high-quality laboratory services. These critical health services underpin timely detection, surveillance, and response to infectious diseases....
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Enhancing Social Work Training to Support Tanzania’s HIV Response

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 15 September 2016 —  A high-level gathering of key social work stakeholders met today in Dar es Salaam to review the findings of a Government study on HIV/AIDS competencies in social work education as Tanzania works to achieve an AIDS Free Generation by 2030. As reported by UNAIDS, Tanzania’s estimated HIV prevalence rate among adults between the ages of 15 and 49 of 4.7 percent. Challenged by severe shortages of trained healthcare workers, the country is currently revising and updating existing guidelines and processes to support task sharing — shifting basic HIV treatment and care duties that...
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Panel Focuses on How to Support Health Systems, Manage Chronic Diseases in Emerging Economies

Washington, DC, September 15, 2016 —  AIHA President & CEO David Greeley moderated a high-level panel on disease prevention and management in emerging economies yesterday at the Toronto Global Forum in Toronto, Canada. Sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur, the panel featured Dr. Rebecca Martin, Director of the Center for Global Health at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta; Dr. Alain Beaudet, President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Patrik Silborn, Director of Private Sector Engagement and Innovative Financing at The Global Fund; Robert Mallett, President & CEO of Africare; and Dr. Jean-Antoine Zinsou, Senior Director of Public...
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Panel Focuses on Collaborative Ways to Address Barriers to Care

Washington, DC, August 16, 2016 —  AIHA President & CEO David Greeley presented today at a round-table discussion on existing barriers that hamper access to healthcare services around the world. The Global Alliance for Patient Access hosted the event, which was titled, “Ensuring Access to Innovative Healthcare Technologies.” It was designed to be a forum for thought leaders and stakeholders from various sectors to discuss primary barriers to care, explore innovative case studies, and highlight best practices. In addition to AIHA’s Greeley, the panel discussion also featured Dr. Tom Kenyon, President & CEO of Project Hope; Stephen Ezell, Vice President...
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AIHA Partners Publish Pharmacy Technician Training Manual

Washington, DC, July 15, 2016 —  The American International Health Alliance (AIHA) today celebrates the publication of “The Southern African Pharmacy Technician Training Manual” by our partners at The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Department of Pharmacy in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. “This is the first textbook designed specifically for pharmacy technicians in the southern African region,” says co-author Teri-Lynne Fogarty, a lecturer and the coordinator of NMMU’s Pharmacy Technician program. “It can be used as a learning tool for pharmacy technicians in English-speaking countries in southern Africa as part of a university-level course, or as part of an on-the-job...
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New Ministry of Health Nursing Staffing Tool Will Facilitate More Efficient Utilization of Tanzania’s Frontline Health Workforce

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, June 7, 2016 — Patients at healthcare facilities across Tanzania are set to receive better care from nurses and midwives thanks to the development of a new mechanism that will assign critical tasks to nurses and midwives based on their levels of training, competence, and experience. The Division of Nursing and Midwifery Services (DNMS) at Tanzania’s Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) kicked off a three-week workshop on May 30 to finalize job descriptions for nurses and midwives in the country. This national document will ensure more equitable distribution of nurses and...
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Newly Approved Task Sharing Policy Empowers More Frontline Health Workers to Provide Needed Care and Treatment in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, April 5, 2016 — Nurses, social workers, and community health workers on the frontlines of Tanzania’s health and social welfare system can now provide expanded care to people in need thanks to new task sharing guidelines approved last month by the country’s Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children. With just 7.1 practicing physicians for every 10,000 people — roughly one-third the number recommended by the World Health Organization — Tanzania has long faced a severe shortage of healthcare workers. The new task sharing policy not only helps address this shortage, but also creates...
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TNMC Launches National Nursing and Midwifery Information System to Improve Allocation of Nurses in Underserved Areas in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, April 4, 2016 — The Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council (TNMC) today launched a new electronic licensing and registration system for nurses and midwives that will markedly improve its capacity to monitor and enforce professional standards through heightened regulation of nursing and midwifery education and practice across the country. Nurses and midwives are on the frontlines of healthcare service delivery in Tanzania and this new platform for ensuring they are well-equipped to provide quality care to patients will be a critical tool supporting TNMC’s public protection mandate. The launch of the new electronic database is particularly...
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Archive 2015 - 2011


December 1
Partnerships Strengthen Health System Capacity in sub-Saharan Africa

November 17
AIHA Successfully Concludes Blood Safety Project Kazakhstan

September 3
AIHA Partners Launch Telemedicine Initiative in Zambia

February 2
AIHA Appoints David Greeley as New President and CEO


November 12
AIHA Partners with RTI to Strengthen Health Systems across Africa

September 25
AIHA Conducts Blood System Equipment Validation Training in Ukraine

August 7
AIHA Mourns the Loss of South African Partner Prof. Johan Esterhuyse

June 16
Twinning Partnership Celebrates Launch of Tanzania’s Second MSW Program at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University

March 18
HRSA Awards New Twinning Program Cooperative Agreement to AIHA

March 11
Tanzania Pilots New Tablet Project to Improve Nursing Education


July 11
AIHA Expands Efforts to Improve Care and Support Services for Vulnerable Children and Families in Nigeria

July 8
Tanzanian Nurses Engage in Leadership Training Led by Experts from the American Organization of Nurse Executives

May 29
AIHA Launches New PEPFAR-supported Partnership to Establish an Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program in Addis Ababa

May 23
AIHA Launches Twinning Partnership Designed to Train New Mid-level Pharmacy Technician Cadre in South Africa

February 7
AIHA Launches New Blood Safety Project in Asia

January 21
AIHA Launches the First PEPFAR-supported Partnership to Strengthen Biomedical Engineering Training in Africa


November 7
AIHA Launches Its First Twinning Center Partnership in the Caribbean Region

June 27
Government of Tanzania Launches New Social Welfare Assistant Training Program


September 9
Livingstone General Hospital Opens Learning Resource Center

July 21
Strengthening Palliative Care in Zambia through Improved Access to Evidence-based Information Resources

June 24
Partners at the Polytechnic of Namibia Open New Learning Resource Center

June 20
AIHA Conducts Meeting on Strengthening Health and Social Service Professions Education in Africa

May 9
AIHA Appoints Kelly J. Wolfe as New Director of the HIV/AIDS Twinning Center

February 7
Russian Clinicians Travel to United States to Learn about HIV Prevention for MARPS, Coordinated Care for PLHIV

February 4
Twinning Center Launches Third Clinical Associates Partnership to Strengthen Health System in South Africa

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